Wraith Studios

Integration Experts

Have multiple websites that are integral to your workflow that do not interact with each other? We can bridge that gap!

Data Driven Web Design

We are experts at data driven web design. Would you like to add a web store or an issue tracking platform to your business? Want to refresh your existing webpage to be more dynamic and data driven? We can help.

Custom Design

Talk to us about your business bottlenecks and we will design custom solutions involving software and hardware to optimize your workflow!

Automation and Integration Specialists for a Connected World

Squash tedious daily processes with automation and spend more time focusing on your business!

Automation Services Include:

  • Workflow Management with Bug/Issue Tracking
  • Web Store Creation
  • Web Design (Data Driven, Javascript, CSS, etc.)
  • Cloud Deployment and Management
  • Distributed System Design
  • Custom Hardware Design
  • Automated E-mail Processing and Distribution
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • Data Mining
  • Data Transfer Between Websites
  • Automated Testing Design (Software/Hardware)
  • Dialplan and VOIP Design
  • 24/7 Access Control Systems
  • Automated Lighting/Control Systems
  • And more!

Let us invigorate your business with the automation it needs to grow your bottom line!

Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss how we can improve your business!